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IE 9 is … worth it?

Alright fella’s, IE 9’s has set it’s sail as people are downloading/upgrading to it from the older IE versions on their PC. There have been major updates since IE 6 which launched in 2002. However, this has to be “the” update that set’s the bar and brings it’s competition along the lines of Firefox and Chrome.

First up, here’s a rundown of the features that are new in IE 9:

  • pin sites to task bar
  • hardware acceleration
  • search in the address bar
  • new download manager
  • Opera and chrome style dial-pad for new tabs
  • add-on performance advisor
  • HTML5

*for a more apt “features list” please check out this Lifehacker article here- IE 9 Screenshot Tour

Now, I reckon that this new IE 9 is a great leap forward which brings it into direct competition with safari, chrome, firefox and the sorts.It is great out of the box service for people who get this software bundled along with Vista/Windows 7 as they would not need Internet Explorer to exclusively download firefox/chrome/opera, and will actually be using the available browser.

However, google Chrome still tops my list as it has umpteen amounts of features that is still lacking in IE 9. Rendering is one the main at that.

For instance here are the acid3 test score comparisons:

Chrome (10.0.648.151)

100/100 test passed with no flaws

IE 9 64bit (RC)

95/100 test failed. Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Safari 4.0

100/100 test passed. Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Firefox 4 RC1

97/100 because it doesn’t support SVG, but WOFF font rendering. Image courtesy of Wikiepedia


And that should sum up the browser wars… for now.


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